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What is Xiu jade?

Xiu jade(Xiuyan Jade) really is a very special category of nephrite jade. This type of nephrite comes from Xiuyan city in LiaoNing Province in northeastern China where it is mined locally. It usually comes in natural light green color and can be very translucent. The most desirable Xiu jade pieces are clear, watery in appearance without clusters of black or solid white inclusions. The color is fairly uniform, however variations in the saturation of green often presents and the color may range from ivory to dark green. Because Xiu jade is not as hard as Burmese jadeite, they can be intricately carved more easily. However, since both its durability and luster is less desirable than Burmese jadeite, or what lumingta.com simply refers to as Burmese jade, Xiu jade's worth is not as high as their Burmese couterparts. Nonetheless, truly exceptional Xiu jade pieces that is very rare and beautiful do have investment value. The Xiu jade pieces offered by lumingta.com are selections among thousands of Xiu jade pieces and they are not the usual Xiu Yan jade on the general market.


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