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What is Citrine?

Citrine is claimed to be good for the kidneys, colon, liver and gallbladder. It can help with digestive disorders and heart tissue regeneration. Some claim that it can prevent self-destructive tendencies by raining your level of self esteem. It is a crystal that is a imagined as being like a good friend that encourages you and gives you self-confidence. Its emotional qualities are optimism, hope and warmth. And crystal lore says that Citrine attracts good fortune and abundance. Although, often cut as a gemstone, citrine is actually somewhat rare in nature. Most citrines on the market have been heat treated. Specimens of low grade, inexpensive, low quality crystals are often cooked at high temperatures to produce the more profitable orange yellow citrine. Citrines whose colors have been produced by artificial means tend to have much more of an orange or reddish caste than those found in nature, which are usually a pale yellow. Much of the natural citrine may have started out as amethyst but heat from nearby magmatic bodies may have caused the change to citrine.


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