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The healing power of jade is one of the most renowned in the world. One of the pseudoscientific claims regarding jade and crystals today is that, if arranged properly, they can provide protection against harmful electromagnetic forces such as those that are emitted from computer monitors, cellular phones, microwave ovens, hair dryers, power lines, and other people. Jade, particularly, has also been believed by ancient Chinese people to be able to promote inner peace and regulate mood swings. Hence, jade and crystal jewelries have been regarded by Asian people as “the jewelries with purpose” for thousands of years. LuMingTang Jade Co.’s jewelry masters always process such natural gems with careful care and arrange them with traditional pattern design to ensure the correct arrangement. You will be sure to reap the benefit from our jade masters’ unmatched knowledge base in the healing powers of gemstones, as well as their stunning, professional craftsmanship.

Our mission:
In view of the proliferation of fake and low quality jade jewelries being offered in the jade market as high class items, LuMingTa.com strives to achieve the following:
To promote a greater knowledge base of true high quality Chinese jade and other gemstone jewelries among western customers. To reduce the current towering profit margin of jade and gemstone jewelers, and provide our customers the opportunity to enjoy highest quality items for below US wholesale prices (80% off retail prices!).

Who are we?
Lumingta.com is the online version of Lu Ming Tang Jade Co., one of the most respected jade exploiter, manufacturer and processor in China with 30 years of history. Lu Ming Tang, in Chinese means the Glorious Palace, was first established in Chang Chun, JiLin Province China and then later expanded into an international supply chain of jade jewelry to many jewelers all over the world.

What kinds of products do we specialize in?
LuMingTang Jade Co. has long been the supplier of high quality jade pieces to many jewelers in the United States and China. We specialize in hand-made, sophisticated, high class gemstone jewelries designed and made by our exclusive LuMingTa.com only, Chinese Government appointed jade masters. Our items are unique in design and distinguished in quality. However, we mostly pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers higher quality gemstone jewelries than most items current on the market yet still offering them at 80% off their retail prices. How did we do it:
1. We mine our own jade.
2. We manufacture our own jewelry and sell them through our own outlets to cut middleman fee.
3. We resisted the idea of opening physical retail stores in order to cut down cost.
4. We also restrict our spending in advertising to pass the savings to our customers. Hence, we would truly appreciate it if you can kindly pass your satisfaction to your friends and family to help us better serve the world.

What is the quality of your products?
We make sure that every product we sell is individually handpicked to ensure the high standard of quality our customers expect of us. We also make sure to package our gemstone items meticulously to guarantee the best condition. We do not chemically treat our jade items just in order to hide natural jade stone veins from our customers. In fact, as a well informed jade customer would know, natural jade gemstone veins won't affect the durability of the gem at all.

What are the measurements of a specific item?
For your convenience, we list the best ways to measure your size to see whether an item matches you perfectly. You can always exchange an item for free if it doesn't fit.


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